Act 1 – Rock n Roll …

Hey CLUB ACCT11059 Groovers!

Well, all that jiving and rockin’ and rollin’ around in Week 1 has certainly blown the cobwebs off my canastas and tickled up my tuba that’s for sure!

Congratulations everyone, Step 1 of our major assessment is in the BAG!  I have to give huge shout outs to all my fellow students who have shown some amazing support and selflessness with their time in helping others with their drafts this week.  There’s plenty of love in the room Groovers, keep up the good work!

I’ve been busy twistin’ and a shakin’ around this cool new joint called PeerWise and there are some groovy dudes crankin’ some serious tunes in there.  Everyone is getting JIGGY with learning some new ways of learning and now the joint is popping like a Korn concert!

Far be it from me to taint this rock n roll edition with another genre, but the highlight of the last week for me has to be the totally wicked rap song ‘Debit Credit Theory’ .  I use the word ‘rap’ very loosely as the song actually has a melody in it.  The sneaky sounds of this song hammered out by Mr Colin Dodds and co. makes it so easy to remember that debits are to the left and credits are to the right (I’m not sure I know to the left and right of what yet – but I’m sure that’s coming!)

I also have to say as an online infant I have thoroughly enjoyed leaving my first trail of digital droppings throughout the online world this week (this nice fresh one included).  Don’t get me wrong, there has been no JIVE TALKIN’ only GOOD LOVIN’ and I am really enjoying the interaction with everyone.

Well I’ve never been late to a show before but there was a larger than usual power-slide/commando roll combo to make it over the line this week.  Note to self:  must catch earlier bus to gig next week.  I hope everyone is enjoying this ride as much as I am so far!

Good luck with Week 2 everyone!

Cheers, Robbie T

Curtains please …

Hey CLUB ACCT11059 Groovers!

OK everyone, it’s time to resin up your bows, pick up your plectrums and tune up those Blogs!

Yes, Act 1 is Nigh (that would be Week 1 of term) and all I can say is Yeeeooow!  I’m standing nervously on side stage waiting for my curtain call … my hands are raining sweat and my knees are knocking together like a set of Claves on steroids.  I can hear the crowd cheering for us already.  It sounds like they are chanting “PeerWise! PeerWise! PeerWise!”

What … is PeerWise?  Is it some dodgy support act the concert promoters have flown in from Ittoqqortoormiit? (yeah, I can’t pronounce it either but I’m sure it’s a lovely place).  Has Freddie Mercury resurrected at long last?  Are we going to have to share our dressing room with some new boy band with a weird name?  All very pertinent questions indeed.

Whilst PeerWise does sound like a great name for a boy band (well, sort of), thankfully, the planet is safe from any emergent boy band that may, or may not, be called PeerWise.  PeerWise is, in fact, a Totally Jazzy free online collaboration tool that supports students in the creation, sharing, evaluation and discussion of assessment questions relevant to studies.

By partaking in the soulful act of researching and preparing questions and multiple choice answers to study material and posting it to PeerWise,  the newly hatched and unaware ACCT11059 student, in its natural habit, cannot help but gain a deeper understanding of the material being consumed.  A very sneaky learning tactic indeed … but I like it!  As a very famous ACCT11059 rocker (aka unit coordinator) once said, “be careful … PeerWise can be addictive!” Thanks for the hot tip Martin but I think it might already be too late for this ageing rock chick!  I am a huge fan already.

I’m finding it difficult to hear over the crowd now, adrenaline is pumping through my veins and the noise is so deafening that I’m sure “The Biebs” must be “in-da-house” somewhere.  Hang on.  Am I lost?  Is this a Hillsong Convention?  No, this is serious accounting, learning and online communication business, man.

The curtains are drawing and it’s time to crunch some accounting beats out loud and proud … drumroll please …

Good luck with Act 1 everyone, and as they say in show business … Break a Leg!

Cheers, Robbie T

Opening night …

Hey CLUB ACCT11059 Groovers,

Well, opening night is here, the curtain is up, and there is nowhere to hide (damn it!). I’m getting ready to tune up in PeerWise and have not long finished setting the stage for myself in Moodle – so far so good.  The rider has not yet been replenished with chocolate and fresh biros, but that’s OK!

Last night when pouring over the Introduction document (yes, I know I need to scale back the intensity of my Sunday night entertainment choices) I pondered at length over the term ‘key concepts’.  My brain, having been in the groove of working full time for over 30 years, told me that I already knew what this term meant.  But did I really understand it deep enough?

I probably did understand it enough for the purposes of ASS#1 but I’m glad that I sought further information as I now have a comprehensive understanding of the term ‘key concepts’ and how to define and use these in my academic writing.  Check out this great resource that I stumbled (Googled) upon this weekend:  Key Concepts

Cheers, Robbie T

Late confession:  Prior to commencing this unit my online presence = 0 and so I must confess that I had to research ‘blogging’ just to make sure I knew what it was all about so I didn’t make a goose of myself – yes, the jury is probably still out on that one!

Check 1, 2 …

Hi Everyone!

As Axl Rose, lead singer of the Guns n Roses, once said, “Welcome to the Jungle!”.

Whilst this may be one of my favourite tunes to play on the bass guitar, currently I feel as though I have entered the jungle right on feeding time!  Having not studied for some decades it is with more than just a little trepidation that I herewith launch myself into the ‘blogosphere’ for the very first time, ever.  Yes, I can’t believe it either … blogosphere is actually a word.

I am hoping to use this newly-discovered journalistic model (well, new for me anyway) to share my experience of getting into the groove of the various elements of this new accounting, learning and online communication gig.

I am also looking forward to tuning in to everybody’s contributions in this unit and feeling some awesome vibes as well as dropping some serious beats in the online communication department myself!

So come on CLUB ACCT11059 Groovers let’s lounge around and do some learning about how we learn before getting down to some soothing, soulful accounting…

Cheers, Robbie T