Hi Everyone!

My name is Robbie and I am excited to be studying ACCT11059 this term at CQUniversity.

I live on the beautiful Sunshine Coast (in the Noosa Hinterland) and have a passion for all things music.  Unfortunately, my neighbours over the years have not shared my passion for beating drums and shredding guitars which is why I live in an area some people may describe as the ‘middle of nowhere’. Here in my own personal piece of ‘nowhere’ I can crank up any or all of the plethora of noise-making devices that currently form the basis of my ‘lounge room’.  I can go for my life, so to speak, without fear of retribution from packs of angry, rake-wielding neighbours (come on guys my music is not that bad!).

I started working over 30 years ago as a fresh-faced student nurse at the tender age of 17 (back in the good old days of hospital-based training!).  After more than a decade nursing I stumbled into the corporate world and have been there ever since.  Now, I find myself lining up for a ticket in one of the biggest rides of my life – university study!  I’m at the platform and ACCT11059 is my very first gig.  I’ve got plenty of stage fright going on but I’m ready to get into the GROOVE!

I look forward to getting to know you all as we get down and funky with Accounting, Learning and Online Communication!

Cheers, Robbie T

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey Robbie! Fantastic blog! Absolutely love the music references throughout, it is going to make for great reading throughout the term. Your link to the “key concepts” is very much appreciated as i have been pondering this myself!

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    1. Hi and thank you very much for your positive comments. I am still learning all about online communication so my apologies for the delayed response. Good luck with your studies and I look forward to collaborating with you further during the term. Cheers, Robbie T


  2. Hi Robbie. Your blog is wonderful! I like the way how you do it, blends well with your theme. Everyone who’s gonna view your profile will really think you love music (obviously). And as I read your blogs it’s very interesting too! I’d love to read more of your blogs soon as you continue your accounting journey. Cheers Mate!


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    1. Hi Shane, thank you so much for your great comments! Yes, everyone who knows me knows that I would prefer to sit at home all day and play my instruments but unfortunately that doesn’t pay the bills 🙂 Time has been my number one enemy since starting this unit and I do hope to post some more blogs very soon. Thanks once again for your comments and I look forward to collaborating with you throughout the unit. Cheers, Robbie T


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