Hey CLUB ACCT11059 Groovers!

OK everyone, it’s time to resin up your bows, pick up your plectrums and tune up those Blogs!

Yes, Act 1 is Nigh (that would be Week 1 of term) and all I can say is Yeeeooow!  I’m standing nervously on side stage waiting for my curtain call … my hands are raining sweat and my knees are knocking together like a set of Claves on steroids.  I can hear the crowd cheering for us already.  It sounds like they are chanting “PeerWise! PeerWise! PeerWise!”

What … is PeerWise?  Is it some dodgy support act the concert promoters have flown in from Ittoqqortoormiit? (yeah, I can’t pronounce it either but I’m sure it’s a lovely place).  Has Freddie Mercury resurrected at long last?  Are we going to have to share our dressing room with some new boy band with a weird name?  All very pertinent questions indeed.

Whilst PeerWise does sound like a great name for a boy band (well, sort of), thankfully, the planet is safe from any emergent boy band that may, or may not, be called PeerWise.  PeerWise is, in fact, a Totally Jazzy free online collaboration tool that supports students in the creation, sharing, evaluation and discussion of assessment questions relevant to studies.

By partaking in the soulful act of researching and preparing questions and multiple choice answers to study material and posting it to PeerWise,  the newly hatched and unaware ACCT11059 student, in its natural habit, cannot help but gain a deeper understanding of the material being consumed.  A very sneaky learning tactic indeed … but I like it!  As a very famous ACCT11059 rocker (aka unit coordinator) once said, “be careful … PeerWise can be addictive!” Thanks for the hot tip Martin but I think it might already be too late for this ageing rock chick!  I am a huge fan already.

I’m finding it difficult to hear over the crowd now, adrenaline is pumping through my veins and the noise is so deafening that I’m sure “The Biebs” must be “in-da-house” somewhere.  Hang on.  Am I lost?  Is this a Hillsong Convention?  No, this is serious accounting, learning and online communication business, man.

The curtains are drawing and it’s time to crunch some accounting beats out loud and proud … drumroll please …

Good luck with Act 1 everyone, and as they say in show business … Break a Leg!

Cheers, Robbie T