Hey CLUB ACCT11059 Groovers,

Well, opening night is here, the curtain is up, and there is nowhere to hide (damn it!). I’m getting ready to tune up in PeerWise and have not long finished setting the stage for myself in Moodle – so far so good.  The rider has not yet been replenished with chocolate and fresh biros, but that’s OK!

Last night when pouring over the Introduction document (yes, I know I need to scale back the intensity of my Sunday night entertainment choices) I pondered at length over the term ‘key concepts’.  My brain, having been in the groove of working full time for over 30 years, told me that I already knew what this term meant.  But did I really understand it deep enough?

I probably did understand it enough for the purposes of ASS#1 but I’m glad that I sought further information as I now have a comprehensive understanding of the term ‘key concepts’ and how to define and use these in my academic writing.  Check out this great resource that I stumbled (Googled) upon this weekend:  Key Concepts

Cheers, Robbie T

Late confession:  Prior to commencing this unit my online presence = 0 and so I must confess that I had to research ‘blogging’ just to make sure I knew what it was all about so I didn’t make a goose of myself – yes, the jury is probably still out on that one!

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