Hi Everyone!

As Axl Rose, lead singer of the Guns n Roses, once said, “Welcome to the Jungle!”.

Whilst this may be one of my favourite tunes to play on the bass guitar, currently I feel as though I have entered the jungle right on feeding time!  Having not studied for some decades it is with more than just a little trepidation that I herewith launch myself into the ‘blogosphere’ for the very first time, ever.  Yes, I can’t believe it either … blogosphere is actually a word.

I am hoping to use this newly-discovered journalistic model (well, new for me anyway) to share my experience of getting into the groove of the various elements of this new accounting, learning and online communication gig.

I am also looking forward to tuning in to everybody’s contributions in this unit and feeling some awesome vibes as well as dropping some serious beats in the online communication department myself!

So come on CLUB ACCT11059 Groovers let’s lounge around and do some learning about how we learn before getting down to some soothing, soulful accounting…

Cheers, Robbie T

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